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Oxy Megastation

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Regenerating the epidermic tissue is a promise that Maya Beauty Engineering can keep with Oxy Megastation. By combining pure oxygen with connective tissue massage and glass ball percussion, Oxy Megastation makes it possible to achieve excellent results. It noticeably reduces scars, cellulite, skin stains, wrinkles and stretch marks*. It promotes toning of the body. It ensures the desired lifting effect, without compromising the customer’s daily life in any way.

Recognition of the value of this technology was given when the Oxy Megastation was awarded the "Prix Pierantoni de l'Innovation 2005" prize at the "Les Nouvelles Esthétiques" congress in Paris.

Benefits of oxygen:

  • Reduces irritations
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Strengthening and reinvigorating effect
  • Firming effect
  • Accelerates the healing processes

Oxy Life Nova

metallic machine with display pen-like item with roller

Oxy Life Nova combines the efficacy and the quality of MBE Oxygen Infusion method, oxygen facial & body treatment, with a LCD touch screen display, thus allowing the operator to easily perform very effective treatments on wrinkles, spots (pigmentation), cellulite and stretch marks.

The Oxygen Infusion is a special oxygen facial and body treatment technique, developed by Maya Beauty Engineering, which uses 98% concentrated oxygen at 2 bars of pressure. Without using needles, it is therefore possible to perform an oxygen facial and body treatment which allows the penetration, through the epidermic barrier, of pure oxygen molecules and active principles till into the dermic cells.

The oxygen facial and body treatment performed by means of Oxygen Infusion can be customized depending on the specific needs of the client:

  • pulsed rhythm: ideal for anti-aging treatments, wrinkles around the mouth, the eyes and on the forehead, double chin, neck, décolleté and body
  • continuous rhythm: ideal for body treatments alternated with thePulsed rhythm.

So Up Reloaded

Imagine an unprecedented synergy of connective tissue massage, modulated radiofrequency, ultrasound and photodynamics! It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But today it actually exists, along with an irresistible extra feature: Myo Regenesis ®. Thanks to micro electrical impulses, combined with modulated radiofrequency, the muscle is micro thermally stimulated and the figure is progressively remodelled. So Up Reloaded. More than just a name, So Up Reloaded is a genuine promise of well-being: infinite actions converge towards an incredible result. A diverse and highly effective series of wellness oriented treatments that will not cramp your customers’ lifestyle in the least. Let’s have a look at them, one by one.

Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage increases oxygenated blood flow and nutrition, as well as encouraging drainage of fluids carrying waste and stimulating the cellular metabolic activity. The secret lies in a special handpiece perfected by Maya Beauty Engineering.

Modulated Multi-polar Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency involves applying electromagnetic (non-ionizing) waves to the body in order to boost slackened physiological processes. These waves carry heat and energy deep into the skin creating an endothermic effect on the lymphatic and vascular systems as well as adipose-connective structures. With the Reloaded version the radiofrequency used is modulated and multi-polar. The electromagnetic waves move from one pole to the other creating an even more effective dynamic grid. The heat generated within the tissue is greater, and the treated area is even larger. Modulated radiofrequency, generated by imperceptible modulated vibratory waves, exploits skin impedance even more easily by testing via multiple contact points.

Easy Mood

There comes a time in which beauty needs the help of an firm and expert hand to re-establish its shape and splendour. MBE is fully aware of this and has created Easy Mood, a new user friendly technology for treating body and face effectively. Thanks to the innovative integration of Radiofrequency, Ultrasound and Photodynamics, Easy Mood guarantees incredible results on both face and body after a minimal number of treatments and in complete safety. Easy to use, painless, and not invasive, it doesn’t limit the client’s daily activities. It is not a surgical or ablative treatment and can be used on all types of skin.

Face Treatments

The system works by combining radiofrequency and photodynamics, a synergy that guarantees astonishing results. While radiofrequency heats the tissue, making the skin look healthy and velvety, photostimulation at 640nm smooths it even more, creating an amazing lifting effect.This combined action is a highly advanced solution for really rejuvenating the face. And results are visible right from the start!

The two handpieces, each with its own specific functions are at the core of Easy Mood’s innovative technology. The first handpiece has two poles that emit photostimulation (640 nm) allowing the therapist to work directly on the edges of wrinkles and mood signs. The other is flat and by using radiofrequency and photodynamics together, is ideal for treating large areas, as it combines bio-stimulation with an effective lifting effect.

Each handpiece corresponds to one or a series of preset protocol programs that include the following treatments:

  • young skin
  • dehydrated mature skin
  • post acne scars
  • well-being

Grey Mate

Grey Mate performs a gentle exfoliation favouring cell turnover without creating any discomfort. Thanks to the union of the Vacuum and Microdermabrasion techniques, this treatment can progressively reduce wrinkles, dyschromia, stretch marks, scars and thickening of the skin tissue.

The first phase of the treatment is a Vacuum massage to reactivate the skin. In particular:

  • it helps to remove liquids full of toxins
  • it stimulates the metabolic activity of cellular elements
  • it tones up the skin’s tissues making it more radiant and elastic.

The second phase of the treatment consists in an effective tissue exfoliation obtained thanks to microdermabrasion or tachipercussion techniques. The first uses aluminium micro-crystals, the second glass micro-balls. The latter make it possible to perform a much more delicate exfoliation which is suitable also for more sensitive skins.

Finally with Grey Mate it is also possible to perform a photo-vibrating massage through which specific skin care products can be applied with great gentleness. This has a calming, draining, relaxing and detoxing effect which stimulates skin regeneration. With Grey Mate the operator is free to personalise his/her work adapting the intensity of the treatment and of the photo-massage to each specific case.

Blue Mate

Blue mate, thanks to Electroporation, facilitates the penetration and absorption of active ingredients, even of those with high molecular weight. It is a method that exploits electrical impulses to make cell membranes transiently permeable.

This technique can be divided into two phases: Electro permeation and Electro repulsion. During the first phase temporary electro pores are created in the cell membrane. These are hydrophilic macro pores that make it possible for hydrophilic substances –even with high molecular weight- to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

During the second phase the active ingredients are actually channelled into the electro-pores.

Thanks to the Blue Mate’s special handpiece, with a ionization chamber and electrode columns in which the product can be inserted directly, it is possible to perform Electro permeation and Electro repulsion in one movement making the cosmetic penetrate the macropores before they close.