Ruby Mate

Ruby Mate: Body and Face Myolifting

By using special electrical micro impulses, Ruby Mate enables you to:
- Restore tone and firmness conditions to muscle and skin tissues
- Drain the toxins that impede skin tissue revitalization
- Act with lipolytic effect stimulating to the right degree and in a pleasant way the general metabolic system and specifically the interested body areas.

Ruby Mate performs these stimulating actions in an effective way thanks to ergonomic handpieces studied to carry out body and face modelling easily.
The unit also has sixteen electrodes ( of the band aid type) ideal for draining and muscle toning treatments.

Pre-set face programs:
• Face, neck and décolleté myolifting.
• Specific treatments for wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes
• Face lymphodraining massage

Pre-set body programs:
• Buttocks, breasts and abdomen myolifting
• Body lymphodrainage
• Treatment of both fibrous and edematous cellulite.
• Fat lipolysis
• Firming
• Muscle strengthening

Technical features:
• 40 x 40 cm
• weight: about 3 Kg

To find out more, you can download the complete brochure (.pdf 1,5MB).