New vitality for physiological processes.

Radiofrequency, the emission of (non-ionising) electromagnetic waves, is applied to the face and body with the aim of bringing slowed-down physiological processes back to normal. The transferal of energy and heat creates an endothermic effect positively stimulating the lymphatic systems and the adipose/connective structures.

Effects on the face:

- Skin tensor effect
- Filler for wrinkles
- Vasodilation
- Repair/building
- Firming
- Stimulation of micro-circulation
- Increase in oxygen supply and cell nutrition

Effects on the body:

- Reduction of veno-lymphatic stasis
- Improvement in drainage
- Fat metabolism acceleration
- Fibroblast stimulation with consequent firming effect
- Increase in tone

Maya Beauty Engineering is one of the first companies in the world to utilize radiofrequency technology to produce spectacular results.