Oxygen Infusion

No scars, just the sweetness of oxygen.

Maya Beauty Engineering works to offer the pain-free alternative to aesthetic surgery for men and women in pursuit of their ideal appearance.
Oxygen is essential for cell proliferation and tissue regeneration.
The Maya Beauty Engineering systems guarantee excellent results.

Initially the potential of oxygen was revealed in the treatment of burns and skin lesions, where plastic surgery would otherwise have been chosen. In fact, oxygen increases blood circulation, improves the cellular metabolism, accelerates healing processes and has antibacterial properties.

Consequently, the relationship between the presence of oxygen and the production of collagen, a vital element for the skin, was also investigated. It is now clear that fibroblasts secrete collagen much more easily if there is an adequate amount of oxygen in the human body.

So, taking care of yourself also means regularly treating yourself to a valid treatment based on the use of oxygen.

Benefits of oxygen:
Reduces irritations
Strengthening and reinvigorating effect
Firming effect
Accelerates the healing processes

Why contemplate an invasive treatment when you’ve got OXYGEN SYSTEM in hand?

To find out more, you can download the complete brochure (.pdf 237KB)
Evidence of effectiveness of MBE oxygen infusion treatments (.pdf 1.1MB)