The system for fighting cellulite*. And much more.

OXYENDODERMIA® is a revolutionary method for fighting imperfections affecting the bodies and faces of women all over the world from the age of 25-30. For example: cellulite*, orange peel skin and rolls of fat (body); wrinkles, expression lines, loss of tone and discolouring from light to intense (face).
The OXYENDODERMIA® method is based on the synergy between two-dimensional connective tissue massage and oxygen infusion.


Two-dimensional connective tissue massage.
A series of roller handpieces for face and body gently massage the connective tissue stimulating circulation and promoting metabolic exchange. At the same time, this gentle and pleasant massage stimulates the production of fibroblasts responsible for skin elasticity and progressively reduces cellulite, wrinkles and atony (relaxed tissues)*. It is a gentle and pleasant treatment.

Pulsed oxygen and infusion of active ingredients.
The oxygen infusion, the emission of pure oxygen at a dosed and controlled pressure, makes it possible to transfer the active ingredients of the extraordinary cosmetics range, I’magine, into the deepest layers of the dermis. An excellent alternative to mesotherapy.
Used for redefining body contours, toning and promoting the lifting process and depigmentation of skin discolouring, the oxygen infusion stimulates cellular respiration and circulation.

Treatments and applications
The OXYENDODERMIA® treatments are simple, pain-free and non-invasive and do not limit the customers’ normal activities in any way. The use of the products in the I’magine range, which are rich in carefully selected active ingredients, makes it possible to reach the required goals more quickly.

The application of this method is ideal for the following conditions.

Wrinkles and expression lines
Atony of the facial skin
Stretch marks*
Water retention
“Orange peel” skin
Atony, flaccid tissues
Effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding
Intolerance to mesotherapy and filling injections

*Imperfections caused by cellulite, stretch marks and scars.

OXYENDODERMIA, the right way to get a great body.

To find out more, you can download the complete brochure (.pdf 352KB).