Oxy Megastation

You can regenerate.

Regenerating the epidermic tissue is a promise that Maya Beauty Engineering can keep with Oxy Megastation. By combining pure oxygen with connective tissue massage and glass ball percussion, Oxy Megastation makes it possible to achieve excellent results. It noticeably reduces scars, cellulite, skin stains, wrinkles and stretch marks*. It promotes toning of the body.
It ensures the desired lifting effect, without compromising the customer’s daily life in any way.

Recognition of the value of this technology was given when the Oxy Megastation was awarded the "Prix Pierantoni de l'Innovation 2005" prize at the "Les Nouvelles Esthétiques" congress in Paris.

Benefits of oxygen:
Reduces irritations
Strengthening and reinvigorating effect
Firming effect
Accelerates the healing processes


Oxygenated glass ball percussion.
Pure oxygen is infused into the skin while a system of tiny glass balls repeatedly tap on its surface providing a gentle massage. Anyone using this treatment regularly will see any signs of ageing alleviated and will notice good stimulation of cellular metabolism.

Pulsed oxygen and infusion of active ingredients.
The pulsed infusion transfers pure doses of oxygen at controlled pressure into the spaces between the cells. This technique makes it possible to infuse the active ingredients of the specially formulated, extraordinary I’magine range into the deepest layers of the dermis. Cellular respiration and circulation is restored and the skin gains elasticity and lustre. This is an excellent alternative to mesotherapy.

Ideal for:
Stretch marks*
Skin spots*
Wrinkles and expression lines
Acne Rosacea*
Intolerance to the botulinum toxin.

Vacuum and connective tissue massage**.

The connective tissue massage involves deep manipulation of the skin. If carried out skilfully, it is a real gift for the skin. Oxy Megastation works using two different heads, one for the body and one for the face.
The body massage helps to reduce cellulite, toxins and water retention, as well as stimulating blood and lymph circulation.
The face massage revitalizes the cells responsible for the production of elements such as fibrin, elastin, collagen and glycosaminoglycans. The result is a less tired, firm, fresh and bright looking face.

OXY MEGASTATION, bringing the skin back to life.

* Imperfections caused by cellulite, acne, acne rosacea, stretch marks, skin spots and scars.
** Available only in PLUS version.

To find out more, you can download the complete brochure (.pdf 2,4MB).