OXY LIFE NOVA – Oxygen facial & body treatment

Oxy Life Nova combines the efficacy and the quality of MBE Oxygen Infusion method, oxygen facial & body treatment, with a LCD touch screen display, thus allowing the operator to easily perform very effective treatments on wrinkles, spots (pigmentation), cellulite and stretch marks.

The Oxygen Infusion is a special oxygen facial and body treatment technique, developed by Maya Beauty Engineering, which uses 98% concentrated oxygen at 2 bars of pressure.
Without using needles, it is therefore possible to perform an oxygen facial and body treatment which allows the penetration, through the epidermic barrier, of pure oxygen molecules and active principles till into the dermic cells.

The oxygen facial and body treatment performed by means of Oxygen Infusion can be customized depending on the specific needs of the client:

- PULSED rhythm: ideal for anti-aging treatments, wrinkles around the mouth, the eyes and on the forehead, double chin, neck, décolleté and body

- CONTINUOUS rhythm: ideal for body treatments alternated with thePulsed rhythm.

MBE Oxygen Infusion is the ideal oxygen facial and body treatment also in case of sensitive skin.

In addition to the above, Oxy Life Nova integrates the new Oxy Needling® technique, unique combination between oxygen facial and body treatment and microneedling.
Oxy Needling® is a painless and effective technique, ideal in case of: lack of tone, wrinkles and fine lines, spots and hyperpigmentation, acne scars. Moreover, Oxy Needling® is extremely effective especially on stretch marks, both red and white.

(A special probe to perform Oxy Needling® is available also for those who already have an oxygen facial and body unit, not produced by MBE. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.)

Oxy Life Nova is also available in VX version, which thanks to the Oxyendodermia® method combines the Oxygen Infusion phase (for oxygen facial and body treatment) with endodermic massage.
This very effective connective tissue stimulation can be performed on a continuous or pulsed way, or even synchronized with the beat of the heart of the client, for a further anti-cellulite and slimming effect.

Upon request it is possible to implement Oxy Life Nova and Oxy Life Nova VX with a microscope for the analysis of the skin, in order to compare, immediately after the treatment, the pictures taken before and after it, thus being able to unambiguously prove the effectiveness of the technique.
The microscope can also be used also for analyzing the scalp and the hair.

To find out more, you can download the complete brochure (.pdf 435KB).

Oxy Life Nova e Oxy Life Nova VX: oxygen facial and body treatment by means of Oxygen Infusion, ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, spots (pigmentation), cellulite and stretch marks.