Maya Peel System

Maya Peel System

Forget about discolouring, traces of small scars, acne and stretch marks*.

How can you help skin that has suffered small traumas to rediscover its original beauty in a pleasant pain-free way?

The Maya Peel systems created by Maya Beauty Engineering are an effective solution.

Their indication involves:
a) penetrating the corneum barrier
b) carrying active ingredients to the skin’s most vital layers
c) reactivating the metabolic process
d) reactivating the connective tissue, the main producer of collagen, fibrin and glycosaminoglycans
e) combating the effects of free radicals.

Functions of the Maya Peel System:

Skin spots*
Stretch marks*
Skin peeling
Asphyxial skin
Dehydrated skin
Wrinkles and expression lines
Double chin
Bags under the eyes
Flaccid and relaxed tissue
Build-up of cellulite and lymph stasis*
Poor circulation
Water retention
“Orange peel” skin

Advantages of the Maya Peel System:

Versatility, safety and reliability
Disposable heads
Completely hygienic
High performance
Easy to use
High precision
All functions monitored constantly
Automatic fault indication
Pedal for facilitating use

* Imperfections caused by skin spots, acne, cellulite, stretch marks and scars.

Maya Peel System. An effective solution for smooth, taut and compact skin.