Maya Peel Butterfly

Multiple attack on imperfections.

An effective way of noticeably attenuating scars, skin spots, stretch marks, wrinkles and expression lines is the Maya Peel Butterfly treatments*. This technology combines connective tissue massage, glass ball percussion, microvibration and chromotherapy.


Vacuum massage.
A series of controlled, gentle movements, using a very effective handpiece, oxygenates the cutaneous tissue and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Controlled and measured glass ball percussion.
The controlled massage with tiny glass balls, which gently tap the skin, accelerates the natural removal of the corneum layer.

Microvibration and blue light chromotherapy.
Following the stimulating treatments, allow yourself a moment of pampering. Microvibration and chromotherapy promote re-epithelialization and regenerate the connective tissue, producing a soothing and calming effect on the skin.

- peeling of the skin and body
- scars*
- wrinkles
- skin spots*
- stretch marks*

* Imperfections caused by skin spots, stretch marks and scars.

So, with Maya Peel Butterfly, imperfections don’t live for long.

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