The Mate line – Beauty consultants best friend.

Innovation can improve an individual’s everyday life considerably. Putting beauty professionals in mind, Maya Beauty Engineering has created the incredible Mate line.

The technologies that will change operators’ daily life.

Mate is an all-in-one Beauty Center, compact and handy and able to deliver effective treatments at reasonable prices.
The line is made up of three units: Grey Mate ( Microdermoabrasion), Blue Mate (Electroporation) and Ruby Mate ( Face and Body Microcurrents). All of them are compact, effective, of great visible impact, easily transportable and immediate in their use.
They are valuable, dynamic and efficient partners which guarantee visible results from the very first treatment.
Grey, Blue and Ruby are tailor made for the modern beautician, who is always ready to bring herself up to date and to take on new challenges which will enhance competence and professionalism, thus creating new and concrete work opportunities.

Whom they are made for.

The three mates are perfect for:
- professionals starting up a new business looking for small investments opportunities to offer a number of effective services with excellent profits;
- businesses that have beauty booths and need to rationalise space
- operators who want to diversify their offer
- professionals who offer itinerant beauty services, as they allow extremely effective treatments in an extremely simple way;
- beautician schools which intend to complete or improve their educational equipment. Each of them is supplied with easy and straightforward self guiding displays, that lead them who will be lead step by step through each phase of the treatment.

To find out more, you can download the complete brochure.